Red & Yellow Arts

Red & Yellow Arts will be a charity that uses visual art to challenge the social stigma of dementia. It is being set up by Red & Yellow, a pioneering new dementia care company.

Red & Yellow Arts’ first aim is to create a public sculpture park on the grounds of Red & Yellow’s first community campus - a 21-acre residential facility for people with dementia, currently being designed by world leading architects and landscape planners.
The campus is due to open in London in 2016.

Making the campus an arts destination will encourage integration between campus residents and the wider community, thus combating the stigmatisation and ghettoization of people living with dementia.

Our vision

  • Creating a world-class public sculpture park in an area with few other arts facilities
  • Displaying work by internationally famous artists alongside work created by people with dementia
  • Displaying a rotating programme of loaned works alongside permanent commissions
  • Promoting art that is innovative and thought-provoking whist responding sensitively to the needs of residents
  • Encouraging access and debate through talks, tours and response sessions

  • Hosting an artist-in-residence programme
  • Creating a dedicated space to display touring exhibitions and work by local artists
  • Providing intergenerational arts activities
  • Evaluating our work and sharing best practice
  • Offering subsidised consultancy services to other dementia care facilities

Get involved

We are encouraging artists, galleries and other organisations who’d like to be involved to get in touch. We would also love to hear from potential patrons or trustees.

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Sophie Dodds
Programmes Director, Red and Yellow Arts
+44 20 7228 6856

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